Your Heart Turned On Me

Your Heart Turned On Me

rose cousins + the modern grass

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To brand and promote a special Rose Cousins concert & album during the ECMA’s


It’s no secret 2013 was the year of Rose Cousins. Not only did she host the 2013 ECMA awards show but she won solo recording and folk recording of the year and also took home the prize as songwriter of the year for Go First. To cap it off she was planning a special show at Fort Massey Church in Halifax with the Modern Grass. They would also release a limited edition EP to celebrate this special evening.

See Rose and Tom Terrell of the Modern Grass rehearsing for the show below.

They had named the event and accompanying EP “Your Heart Turned On Me”. I was tasked with developing the promotional materials for the show as well as the album art and special screen printed posters and buttons that would be for sale at the show.


As with any project developing the main look for the event was the biggest hurdle. The concept for the event art came from trying to contrast the beautiful angelic qualities of Rose contrasted with the grittier persona of the Modern Grass and at the same time visually capturing the shows moniker. I first had to develop in my mind what I felt best visually represented a heart turning. After some takes using more of a directional approach, I settled on a more abstract heart turning into something else or crossing a line in a way from good to evil, or possibly evil to good. As usual I tried to whittle this concept down to its purest form.

YHTOM screenprint

Once the look was developed for the show I approached the talented Fishbone Prints in Halifax to do the screenprinting for the special edition gig posters that would be available for sale.


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