Where the buffalo roam saloon

Where the buffalo roam saloon

Canmore, Alberta

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To bring a refreshed identity to an old classic.

I need to be clear right from the start. The feature image I used for this project is not the logo the client ended up choosing. Since I did not do the majority of the work on the final version I didn’t feel right featuring it in my portfolio. However I am still proud of my contribution to the project and my approach for their logo so I thought I would take this opportunity to show it off a little.


My Proposed Logo

Shelley and Oona were opening a new Saloon in the trendy little mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. They had asked me to create a visual Identity for them as well as a website. The saloon was going to have a slightly vintage feel but in a hipster chic sort of way. While still paying homage to the saloons of old. Think what is would be like if Wes Anderson opened a saloon. It would be cool and modern but still very approachable. These were the design pillars I built my design around I wanted something that would look good in the front window and on a twitter avatar. Although they liked my approach they had their heart set on a more illustrated style. Something that was more true to the large buffalo that was the focal point of their interior decor. Since illustration is not my style I recruited the talented Amery Sandford to take on all the illustration work. I think she knocked it out of the park.


The Approved Logo

I still over saw the composition of the final design as well as the typography work but the rest was Amery.

Once the visual identity was decided on it was time to get to work one the website. They wanted a simple info based site that would reflect the feel of the establishment. Click on the image below to check out the live version of the site.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.40.08 AM

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