Trisha Isaac Mortgage Solutions

Trisha Isaac

canmore, alberta

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To create both a visual identity and new website for Trisha Isaac Mortgage Solutions.

Trisha Isaac Mortgage Solutions has been successfully operating in Canmore Alberta for a number of years. Tricia felt it was time to take her business to the next level by branding the company with a new visual identity and website to go along with it. She did have an existing website but she did not have an existing identity piece.

Tricia was looking for something clean, modern and professional that would be easily recognizable. Something that would really set her apart. It would be used on all her marketing materials including cycling shirts etc for groups she sponsors.

During the brainstorming process I was playing with a few different ideas but the one I thought was strongest was trying to create a house from her initials T&I. I am a firm believer that good graphic design makes you stop and think; when you look closely, there is more to be seen. I thought I had nailed it with the design below. You could see both her initials and the shape of the house.

The original logo proposal.


Even though both Trisha and I were happy moving forward with this design, I went back to it the next day to see if I could streamline the design any more. I think we were both really happy I did. I moved the letters together and changed a couple angles and BOOM there it was. It was obvious to both of us that this was it. This exercise showed me just how big an impact subtle changes in a design can really make.


With the new design the house shape was much more obvious and it even looked slightly 3 dimensional with the shading effect. The initials were slightly more difficult to see with this new version but this was not a bad thing as this was the interest it needed to really be something special. People like to solve puzzles – finding the hidden arrows never gets old.

Next up was her website. This was an easier component of the project was the identity was established as I feel everything should flow from the business’s logo. Her old site was quite dark and not very focused. See below.

A screenshot from Trisha’s original website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 5.44.19 PM

Again she wanted something lighter feeling that was more focused on the most important messages she was trying to communicate. You can see the live site here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.56.54 PM

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