Arborview Inn

Arborview Inn

Bed & Breakfast

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To bring a refreshed identity to an old classic.

Friends of mine were looking at taking over a beautiful old Victorian Inn in the seaside town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Nothing was offensive about the current logo but they felt a fresher look communicating a bit more about the property would be advantageous. The property was a six room Inn that although recently renovated, it maintained it’s classic victorian wallpaper and collection of antiques including a beautiful old record player found in the front foyer area.


I thought the new Identity should include a little more information about the business that would create some extra visual interest. Usually I believe less is more but the additional design elements help give the piece a more classic look that fit with the overall aesthetic of the property.

Below shows the existing and proposed new identity pieces.


The Inn was supposedly haunted by the friendly ghost of a woman who used to live in the house many years before. There have been a number of eyewitnesses including the current property owner and the details around these sightings have been documented in a number of different publications. I wanted to try and capture both this side of the business as well as the classic victorian feel for any promotional materials that may be developed. To do this I used a dark damask wallpaper pattern as a backdrop to contrast the crisp white logo.

I used a dark but classic damask background the logo backdrop

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