PROJECT OBJECTIVE: A new label company in Denmark needed help creating a look for all of their visual assets.

This was one of my first opportunities the create the entire look of a new product. Soren Larson, a well educated man out of Norway was putting his career on hold to start a fun new label company. Soren approached me to develop his website and help advise on the look of the labels. His primary market was schools and parents. The labels were going to have an icon on them to help personalize them.

I first wanted to come to a decision on the label design as this could set the tone for the rest of the design guidelines. After checking out the look of the competitors labels, all rectangular, I pitched the design below as I felt it nicely distinguished his labels from the competition.


Plus you could seamlessly fit a circle in the end that could be used to hold the unique icons. Soren was on board as soon as he saw the design. Simple and distinguished.

Next I had to develop a distinct look and feel for the different marketing materials that would be produced. Since schools/kids/parents were the target market I wanted to create something bright and fun. I came up with an idea that I felt could translate well across many mediums. It was to show a series of many different items that you could use the labels on, presented in a modern simplistic manner. I thought this would be a good way of quickly conveying how useful the labels could be to the target group. Then to add some humour to the campaign and give it a more memorable quality, I thought it would be fun to also sporadically throw in some items that wouldn’t be appropriate for the labels with a big “X” over them.


Soren loved the direction so I moved forward growing the new branding to various marketing materials and featuring it on the top of the website as an endless stream of items slowly scrolling across the top of the page.


Once we had this strong foundation for the marketing materials I started producing a series of promotional materials for both print and online applications. I created a series of catchphrases that could be used consistently across all marketing marketing to help enforce the brand identity. Some of the phrases developed included “One Label | Endless Uses” & “Because everybody loses stuff!”


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