Little River Folk

Little River Folk

NSMA Presenter of the year 2010

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To create an identity and ongoing promotional materials for one of Nova Scotia’s top music presenters.

Upon first moving to Nova Scotia’s South Shore my wife and I were enamoured with the shows a local group of volunteers was putting on in the Petite Riviere area. They were getting acts such as Old Man Luedecke, David Miles and Matt Mays to play intimate shows in locations such as fire halls, community centers and wineries. The musicians were first class and the locations were perfect but I noticed the promotional materials could use some work. Soon after I joined the Little River Folk board and took over producing all marketing materials and developed a visual identity piece for the group itself.

My board approve logo demo


Being a big music fan I looked at creating these materials more as fun than work. To this day I still use many of the design techniques I honed while creating the LRF show posters.


Although I enjoyed doing all the the marketing work for Little River Folk I was especially inspired by the challenge of creating a campaign for a showcase called “Sparkle and Twang” a tribute to Gram Parsons, to be put on at Nova Scotia Music Week. This event was challenging to promote as there were hundreds of other artists trying to promote their shows using the same techniques in the limited amount of free space around the hosting venue. Understanding the visual stimuli (clutter) would be extreme I thought it would be important to develop a series of posters that would stand out in this sea of show posters on every wall on message board in the area. After a bit of brainstorming I developed the idea to use a larger 16″ x 24″ inch design with a series of quotes/sayings that would stand out to grab the attendees attention. All the quotes should fit with the theme of the showcase and be interesting enough to create an almost guerrilla marketing feel. In the end the posters turned out to be hugely successful with people commenting on them everywhere. The only unexpected challenge was that people liked them so much they started taking them down to keep. Fortunately the message was already received by the attendees and the showcase was a huge success.








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