Made in Moontown


Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To create a visual identity and website for an exciting Start-Up out of Lunenburg.

Made in Moontown is a Nova Scotia start-up with big plans. The core of their business is to promote all good things that come from living and supporting the local talented people that live in all communities. To make connections and showcase the craftsmanship involved in local products. Their visual identity was to be professional but whimsical at the same time. It needed to be fairly simple as it was to be used across many different mediums and sizes.


Above are a couple of the early demos.

I first presented some ideas for logomarks including the demos above. After a round of feedback I went back to the drawing board and came up with what turned into the approved logo below.


The font used is unique but still has a familiar vintage feel to it. The abstract moon has a feeling of motion.

A mock up I used to present the new logo/branding idea.


One of the first initiatives the Made in Moontown team developed was the “My Bag” project. It was used as a fundraising item that would showcase artisan supplies from a variety of local producers. I was instrumental in developing the name of the campaign and developed the bag design.

Shopping bag made out of recycled Hessian sack with forming over white background

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