Funky Thistle



PROJECT OBJECTIVE: to freshen up an existing logo while keeping the general composition of the logo in tact.

Vintage typewriter

For years Melanie Murphy has been honing her craft and producing some of the most incredible over the shoulder bags made in Canada today. She uses upcycled materials and her original designs to produce these amazing bags.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.07.23 PM

here are a few samples of her gorgeous one of a kind designs.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.08.40 PM

Melanie had approached me to create some hang tags for her bags and at the same time look at giving her logo a bit of a freshening up. Her original logo was done a number of years ago by a friend and although she still liked it she thought I might be able to take it to another level. She wanted to keep the general composition of the logo the same with the company name and accompanying star.

funky-thistle-croppedMy approach was to use a font that was a bit more professional looking in appearance but still maintained the quirky casualness of the company. At the same time I wanted to give the feel of a “funky thistle”. After trying a number of fonts I decided to go with the font “Stay Gold” from the Decade Typefoundry. From there I customized the lettering to give it a seamless appearance and a “thistly” look.

Assortment of vintage tags and labels with texture and stain details. Wood background

Once I had completed a refreshed look for the logo I began developing the look of the hangtags. I thought it would be best to use something earthy and slightly rustic to contrast the crispness of the new identity. I thought the tags needed a bit more info to support the visual identity. I came up with the caption “One of a kind bags handmade from reclaimed materials in Golden B.C.” as I felt it summed up all the important aspects of her bags.


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