BOLD Millwork Corp.


Toronto, Ontario

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To create a new identity piece for a new Millwork Corp. out of Toronto.

Bold Millwork was a new millwork company out of Toronto run by the talented Bianca and Joseph Grassia. I developed a thorough creative brief with the Grassias and created the logo demo below from that brief.


I was quite proud of the presented design. Unfortunately the clients didn’t feel it properly represented their new venture. We went back through things so I could better capture the feel they were hoping for. To help they sent a selection of logos they like that they hoped it would feel more like.


A selection of logos the client liked.

It was apparent the were hoping for something more polished and minimal than the design I had originally presented. I went back to the drawing board and developed the logo below that ended up being very close to the final approved logo. It was do convey the message of being a millwork with the knockout approach to the lettering using both positive and negative space to compose the main company name.


In the end I was super happy with the way the final logo turned aout as it looked great on their marketing materials.


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