Donald MacLennan

Donald MacLennan

Halifax, Nova Scotia

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To create a new identity piece for a well known Nova Scotian violinist.

Donald MacLennan is very unique in both his unforgettable look and his unique style playing the violin.


Donald Donald Gerard Simon Angus MacLennan is easy to pick out due to his long dreads often twisted up above his head held in place by wooden pins, his identifiable epic moustache and his shades he wears on stage which most recently are Ray-Ban Wayfarers. (The logo has recently been updated to reflect this recent style change.)


This turned out to be one of my personal favourite identity pieces. Creating an image that combined his unique style with his chosen instrument turned out better than I could have ever hoped with developing the concept. He went on to use the image in various marketing materials and swag items such as Donald MacLennan rolling papers and t-shirts.

See Donald in action below. It should be obvious from the identity piece who he is.

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