who I am

The Minutia

I probably share more than I should.

I went to university in Guelph, ON.

I moved to Canmore, AB because it reminded me of my favourite show Northern Exposure.

I now live in seaside town of Lunenburg, NS.

I love music. Especially Wilco & old jazz on vinyl.

I won my school speech competition in grade 5.

I have an amazing Rosie & three pretty great kids.

I was named a rising star in the web world by Web Designer magazine.

I got in over 100 days at the ski hill one winter.

I am part owner of a professional football team.

I was voted onto Canmore town council.

I got a tattoo in the name of love.

I once ate a 26 course food and wine pairing at the #1 restaurant in the world.

I am a cheesehead.

I was on the board of directors for a 20 million dollar corporation.

I make the most amazing spicy sour pickles.

I hiked through the jungles of Brazil.

I opened a restaurant with my wife. It was voted 7th best new restaurant in the country.

I am training to be a soccer coach.

I am president, CFO, creative director and janitor of my own freelance design business.

I want to work with you!